Research Facilities

HighPowerOptics has the following on-site facilities for R&D, test and evaluation: over 670 ft2 of recently remodeled, climate-controlled laboratory space; 250 ft2 of covered outdoor test space, including one end of a 100 yd optical test range. We also have access to a private range that enables live-fire testing of small arms up to 1,400 m.


GNU Octave (scientific computing software using MATLAB syntax); TurboCAD and Fusion 123 (3D CAD); Applied Ballistics AB Analytics (Monte Carlo dispersion); Microsoft Office 365

Fabrication equipment:

Vertical mill, 13” engine lathe; drill press; vises; tooling; bandsaw; table saw; router; MIG welder; vented and environment-controlled 3D FDM printer.

Optical/test equipment:

The  27” integrating sphere; fiber-coupled Vis/Near-IR spectrometer; Vis/Near-IR optical test rail for spectral transmission measurements; microscopes. Other test equipment: power supplies; digital oscilloscope; volt meters; light sources; lasers; still and video cameras; lenses; spectral filters; photometers; photodiodes; transimpedance amplifiers; resolution targets; alignment telescope; tripods; shock test equipment.


Small caliber handloading capabilities from 5.56 mm up to 50 BMG; LabRadar chronograph; digital borescope; accelerometers.