Contract R&D

HighPowerOptics addresses challenging scientific and technical needs requiring a multi-disciplinary team and a strong system engineering approach. HighPowerOptics engages in multi-disciplinary R&D in two primary areas:

  1. Gun-fired, guided projectile fire control, small caliber ballistics and electro-optics.
  2. Optical instrumentation and camera systems for underwater applications.

HighPowerOptics is committed to supporting DoD and non-DoD agencies to create new capabilities rapidly and cost-effectively. We also support prime contractors serving those customers.

HighPowerOptics provides the initial principal investigator and system engineer capability, leading the development of novel or challenging systems, executing focused experiments to mitigate risk and validate new design concepts, and building teams to leverage this work to produce prototypes and scale novel products to initial production.

HighPowerOptics collaborates with a network of optical designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, software and firmware programmers, and prototype manufacturing facilities to develop prototype products for commercial and military applications. We have 30 years experience in aerospace R&D, and possess a broad physics understanding of ballistics, optics, fiber optics, electro-optics, instrumentation and atmospheric and underwater optical transmission. Our specialty is designing hardware for environments that have challenging thermal, pressure and/or shock requirements. We approach each development effort from a strong system engineering perspective, ensuring that customer requirements are thoroughly understood before design work begins, developing and validating the critical design, and systematically verifying compliance. We’re also able to set up complex experiments to validate new designs and mitigate development risk quickly and economically.

Resume and references are available upon request. See Contact Us .